Let SellerMetrics take care of Amazon PPC Advertising so you don’t have to

Your Amazon brand is in safe hands with our highly recommended Amazon PPC agency service with proprietary technology and experienced team

Using SellerMetrics Amazon PPC managed service allows me to free up my time for the other things that matter. I have been impressed with the team’s data-driven approach. Unlike other Amazon PPC agencies, their methods are cutting edge, transparent and it works!
Jessica Brandt

Founder, Sully Baby

We Understand Your Pain Points


High ACoS

Our SellerMetrics tech along with a human touch means we can quickly lower ACoS than other services

Poor Structure

Having the wrong or disorganized structure will mean wasted ad spend due to poor attribution


Let us do Amazon PPC, and you can do you. Reallocate your time to other operation that matters

Scalable Optimization

We set up your Account to get ready to Scale! Whether you are launching new products or into new marketplaces our service is ready to support

Keyword/Search Term Selection

Using the human eye and also our technology we quickly find a board set of relevant keyword to expand your campaigns


Full Access to our Bid Optimization technology Know what is driving bid changes, along with our bi-weekly reporting

Tech Enabled Amazon Advertising Agency

Full Management of all Amazon Advertising Types

Access to our Amazon PPC Optimization Technology

Constant Keyword Discovery “Harvesting” and Negative Keyword Negating

Week-over-Week Trend Analysis and Bi-Weekly Advertising Reporting

Daily Bid Optimization Using our Proprietary Ad-Tech

Timeline and Expectations

Week 1-2

✔️ Listing and Amazon PPC Account Audit

✔️ Create a Proposal and Address any Listing

Campaign Structure, wasted ad spend

✔️ Service Level Agreement is created around your goals

Week 2-6

✔️ Carefully analyze pasted data (lifetime)

✔️ Pause and remote poor-performing keywords

✔️ Scale-out top-performing campaigns

✔️ Optimize bids and campaign budgets

✔️ Optimize your listing according our best practices

✔️ A/B Testing on Keywords, Match Types and Ad Types

Week 7 and Onwards

✔️ Adapt to market and season trends

✔️ Ongoing Optimization

✔️ Period over Period Analysis and Reporting

✔️ Search Isolation and keyword negatives

✔️ Support and product or marketplace launches

Why Let SellerMetrics handle your Amazon PPC Management?

“We do Amazon PPC, you do you!”



The Most Advanced Amazon Advertising Technology

Created by Us and Managed by Us

Our company was founded by Amazon Sellers, operators who have walked the walked. As such our approach to Amazon is unique in the sense that we understand full flywheel effect and Amazon Advertising’s place in it.

None of the existing Amazon PPC Software have the right sets of workflow optimization that our agency was looking for, hence we built SellerMetrics with the automation that takes into account the unique product life cycle of our client.

Level up Amazon Advertising Today with the right Experience and Technology

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