Amazon Product Launch: Using Reddit Ads

Rick Wong 3 December 2020

Doing an Amazon product launch can help sellers build momentum and increase their sales from a new Amazon product. But of course, your success would depend on setting up the right product launch strategies. One of the things we recommend to creating a successful launch campaign is by using Reddit ads.

Why Use Reddit for Your Amazon Product Launch?

Reddit is the 7th most visited website across the globe with over 30 billion users worldwide. 430 million of these are considered monthly active users! These figures are already enough reason to set up an Amazon product launch on Reddit. Even better, Reddit also has over 1.2 million subreddits that are highly concentrated on specific topics. For Amazon sellers, the best thing about subreddits is that they have millions of members who interact on niche topics daily. These individuals can make a great target market for your product launch.

Including Reddit ads on your Amazon product launch strategy can bring in external traffic to your product listings. This is one of the top-ranking factors for Amazon search engine optimization (SEO).

How to Create an Ad Campaign on Reddit

Subreddits allow you to put ads related to the specific niche they’re focused on. These ads will appear as “Promoted” posts. These look pretty much like the normal posts, but with a call to action on the bottom of the post.

If you’re ready to launch your product on Reddit, the first thing you have to do is create an account. Go to and sign up. Promoted posts are very similar to Facebook ads, but instead of using “interests” as a targeting method, you will use “subreddit interests/subreddits” within Reddit.

In the home page, click the blue “Create Campaign” button to get started. You will be redirected to the “Campaign” page where you will be asked to type in the name of your campaign, the funding instrument for your campaign, and the objectives of your campaign.

Amazon Product launch reddit ads

In the “Objective” part, you can choose from different ad campaign goals, such as:

  • Brand awareness and reach
  • Conversions
  • App Installs
  • Video views
  • Traffic

Since you’ll be launching Amazon products, we recommend that you choose the Conversions Objective. This one is more focused on people with buying intent.

Amazon Product launch reddit ads

How to Create an Ad Group for Subreddits

Once you’re done filling in the first few details about your Amazon ad campaign, click next. Then you can proceed with creating an ad group for subreddits. Here’s a step by step guide:

1. Type in the details of your product and target the right audience.

You’ll be redirected to the Ad Group section. Here, you’ll be asked to type in your ad group name, the location or country of your target audience, the interests, and the communities (which would be the subreddits you’d like to target).

2. Set your ad budget and schedule.

Under “Delivery,” you need to put your daily budget, bid amount per click (or how much you would like to spend on your ads), and then the campaign schedule (start & optional end date).

3. Input your ad title, URL, creatives and call to action.

When you click continue, you will land on the actual creatives page where you will put the type of post (whether it’s a link or a video). If you click “Link Post,” you will also be asked to type in the post title and the destination URL of the product you’d like to promote.

For the “Card Image” section, you need to create a 1200×628 graphic for your ad. We recommend that you put text on the graphic and use an eye-catching font, product images and/or colors. For example, if you’re launching a new product for 50% off its original price, then you can create an image with a “Launch Promo: 50% OFF” copy or something related to that.

This page also has a “Call to Action” dropdown where you can easily choose “Shop Now.” When you scroll down, you will see your ad preview for your chosen subreddits. You can see how your ad will look on both desktop and mobile.

3 Ways to Funnel your Reddit Traffic to your Amazon Product

Now that you know why it’s ideal to do an Amazon product launch on Reddit and how to set up an ad campaign in this platform, let’s move on to how you can actually earn from your Reddit ad campaign. You can leverage on this in three ways.

1. Direct Purchase

This is the easiest way to launch on a Reddit ad since you don’t need to add coupon codes, vouchers or any other complicated steps for Reddit users to click through your ad and buy your product. All you need to do is to create the Reddit ads by following the steps above, use the super URL, and direct the user to the product.

Although it’s pretty straightforward, this strategy is very favorable for your Amazon product listing as it helps you gain more external traffic which is one great way to rank on Amazon’s search engine results pages (SERPs). At the same time, when Reddit users click through your ad and purchase your product, you can also get additional ranking juice or SEO points – talk about hitting two birds in one stone.

The down side with this strategy is that your conversion rate will probably be low and cannot collect additional customer information such as email

2. Direct Purchase via Landing Page

Another way to earn from your Reddit ad is by sending the user to a landing page first and then to your product listing using the super URL. Using a landing page service, one being, you can search for landing page templates that are specifically made for Amazon product launches. Once you have chosen the template, you may be asked to type in your product title, product price, discount offers, product image, and call to action (which should lead to your Amazon product page or listing). Some templates also allow you to add reviews that may help convince users to click through your ad.

In addition, you can collect an email on the landing page before the potential customer clicks on the link to your Amazon product.

3. ManyChat Rebate via Landing Page

Lastly, you can also launch your product by using the ManyChat app for Facebook Messenger. To be able to do this, you need to go to ManyChat first. Once you’re on the ManyChat homepage, click “Growth Tools” and choose “Landing Page.” You can edit the headline with your product launch offering and then put a description underneath. Add an image, and then click Next twice.

Under Opt-In Actions, replace the default opt-in flow with your actual ManyChat rebate, and click next. Then on the last tab, you will see a landing page URL which is the one you will add on the “Link” field of your Reddit ad. This link will direct the user to the landing page of the ManyChat rebate flow.

This option may be the most tedious one to set up, but it has proven to be successful for many Amazon sellers. We recommend that you try all three ways to figure out which one would work for you best.

Final Thoughts

With over 40 million searches every day and over 430 million active monthly users, Reddit is indeed one of the best platforms to use when launching a new Amazon product. And although we have covered the most essential things you need to know when setting up Reddit ads, we don’t neglect the fact that you may have questions that we weren’t able to answer on this article. So feel free to comment on this blog

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