Tuerdan iPhone Cases

Industry: Cell Phones & Accessories
Location: Hong Kong
Tuerdan is a seller of high-quality drop-proof cases for the latest iPhone and iPad models



SellerMetrics lower ACoS by -30% while increasing sales by +40% in just 3 months

Case Study Background


In what is probably the most competitive category and product on the Amazon marketplace. Tuerdan, a seller of iPhone cases wants a solution to simply lower their ACoS.

Specifically, they want a solution that can optimize non Sponsored Product ads, as the CPC for this ad type is no longer profitable.

In the market for Amazon PPC software, they found that a lot are missing the ability to support different ad types such as Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Videos. So they were excited to use SellerMetrics when they found out we can support all Amazon Advertising ad types.

The tactical goal is to start weaning off targets that have an unacceptable CPC and focus on those that can drive traffic at a reasonable cost. Then scale these keywords out on Sponsored Brands (Keyword and PAT) and Sponsored Display while using our software to optimize.



1. Set up Automatic Negative Keyword

With tons of variation and searches for iPhone cases. Tuerdan is wasting a lot of ad spend on none relevant Keywords. For example, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max cases are totally different audiences. Having a system to flag negative real-time as it comes boosts ROI immediately.

2. Aggressive Bid Adjustments

Using our advance bidding algorithm we set the strategy to “Optimize” which make sure the campaign budget filters through to high quality keywords (up bid), while aggressively preventing budget allocating to low quality keywords (down bids)

3. Keyword Isolation

Using SellerMetrics search terms rules function. Our software isolates the top 5 keywords that drove the majority of the product sales and build a unique strategy around them while maintaining budget control and keyword ranking. 



Lower ACoS

Using the SellerMetrics bid algorithm to make decision on a competitive niche, the results are clear.

ACoS lowered by 30% within two months of having their Amazon advertising account fully automated by SellerMetrics.

Increase Sales

Although the niche is competitive there are many different shopper search query combinations.

SellerMetrics allowed Tuerdan to discover new search terms that allow the scale out of sales at a good ACoS. Sales increase +40% in the same period.

Increase Branded Searches

Having the ability to automate Sponsored Brand campaigns allowed Tuerdan to scale out their Sponsored Brands ad types,

Knowing that SellerMetrics does most of the work means they can scale additional campaign without additional time resources.

Time Saved

Using SellerMetrics the Tuerdan team was able save 75% of their time to be allocated to other operations such as branding and sourcing 



ACoS Reduction 30%

Sales Improvement 40%

Time Saved 75%

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