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We are a client focused marketing agency for Amazon brands. Run by former sellers that have achieved 7-figure brand exit


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Rick Wong


Rick Wong, the company's founder, is a true INTP. A bit of an introvert, an Out-of-the-box thinker who takes pride in his unique perspectives.

An Amazon selling veteran who began selling on the Amazon platform in 2016 and made a seven-figure exit in 2020. He brings unique experience in the Amazon selling arena, having first turned around a floundering brand for an Amazon Aggregator in a highly competitive space, resulting in +13.82% in sales and +347% gross profit in less than a year.

Rick is excited to put his experience and technical skill set to work for his clients in the ever-competitive Amazon space with SellerMetrics.

Julia Sanchez

Amazon Operations Manager

Meet our Amazon Operations Manager, Julia Sanchez, someone whom have an exceptional track record in conquering the complexities of e-commerce.

She makes the entire SellerMetrics operations tick by understand the clients objectives and translating to actionable steps.

Julia previously worked at startups such as Scale Factor and got into the Amazon side of things with her experience at an Amazon Aggregator called Profound Commerce