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The Best Affiliate Program in the Amazon Niche

SellerMetrics offers Amazon Sellers, Brand Owners and KDP Authors  growth optimization and reporting technology. Our easy to use Amazon PPC Software can demonstrate immediate gains for Amazon Sellers.

We love to partner with Amazon evangelists who share the same passion for helping sellers on Amazon to fulfill their potential  

How to get involved


1. Apply

Becoming an affiliate couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the link below to register and you’ll be given a link to sign up

2. Promote

Advertise SellerMetrics with our promo materials and a custom referral link

3. Analytics and Earnings

Chart your earnings and analytics by 3rd party affiliate portal powered by Reditus

The best affiliate deal in the industry by far!

Be part of the movement by sharing the most powerful & trusted Amazon tool with your audience
— all while growing your business. This is the best affiliate deal in the industry.

Why you should promo us?

20% Commission

That’s right 20% of all subscriptions. That means if we bill $100, you get $20! Worth repeating we have the most generous program

No Earning Caps

We do not have an earning cap. No matter how many paying users you bring in, as long as they are using your referral link

Paid Out on PayPal Monthly

No hassles with payment, get payment using our 3rd party provider Reditus and see the money roll into your Paypal account 

120 Day Cookies

Software users normally take longer to convert, we want to make sure we reward the first point of contact affiliates

Increase with Pricing

Our current pricing is not our final pricing. As we expand our features and user base, our pricing will grow as will your earnings

Recurring Commissions

With a recurring revenue model that allows the affiliate to reap ongoing commission on one conversion

"Because SellerMetrics is a fantastic product with Amazing features, it's simple to market. There is no more to say. Promoting SellerMetrics is extremely profitable We've made tens of thousands of dollars marketing SellerMetrics, and I'd continue recommend it even if they didn't have an affiliate program and I couldn't make a dime because I believe in the product."

– Brian Dodd (The Marketplace Academy)

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