KDP Author increases his KENP Reads increase 200% for Sci Fri fiction series

Case study

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Client Problem

Delphi in Space is a Best-Selling SciFi adventure series

Client Objective

Increase the sales of the first book of the series and improve KENP Reads


  • Book Sales +30% 📈
  • KENP Reads +200% 📈

Client Summary

Written in 2019, “Delphi in Space” become one of the Best-Selling SciFi adventure series. It is a mix between Star Wars and Avatar, and reviews on this series were solid. It is a 16-book series that details the adventure of a leader named McCormack as he takes Earth from the verge of interstellar space exploration to the leader in interstellar colonization, trade, and commerce.

Client's Problems and Pain Points

The author of the series wants to increase the sale of his first book, and boost his KENP Reads which will increase his KENP royalties as a result. The author described what he feels as slowing sales on this first book of the series, and it has had an impact on his overall KENP royalties. The author describes his overall frustration with getting his KENP royalties trending back up, and does not know what lever to pull on KDP advertising in order to increase KENP royalties

Solution Provided by SellerMetrics

Another attribute that is unique to SellerMetrics is that our Amazon PPC agency has extensive experience in the KDP space and has the skill set to manage Amazon ads for the KDP authors. We dug deeper into the author's KENP metrics to determine which search terms and categories were and weren’t not attributing to many of his KENP reads.

We separate the strong search terms that have resulted in significant KENP reads into what we call a "single keyword campaign," in which we only bid on one keyword/title/category and devote a dedicated budget to it. By doing this, we got a significant KENP read uplift in a short period of time.

Secondly, in order to get higher sales on the first book of the series, we suggested lowering the price from $3.99 to $2.99 and increasing the price on the backend (from book 6 and onwards) to make up for the lost revenue. The overall KENP read increased further as a result.


60 days after implementing the new tactics, the Delphi in Space book series saw the following improved results

The improvement was quite significant and was helped by the fact that SellerMetrics understood and had experience working with KDP authors and author metrics such as KENP read/royalties.

Client’s Response

"As an author, I want to be able to write without worrying about KDP advertising. I was worried that Amazon PPC agency would not get KDP authors, but the SellerMetrics team was great and understood our concerns advertising as authors and was able to communicate then execute a plan of action to get my KDP book ads performing to its optimal level"

Bob Blanton (Author)

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