Advanced low bid strategy to help a Yoga brand launch in Amazon Canada and UK

Case study

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Client Problem

Yoga brand with a strong US brand presence looking to expand to Amazon UK and Canada with a limited budget

Client Objective

  • Gather initial traction
  • Discover keyword relevance
  • Sales goals


  • Sales +900% 📈
  • ROI 3x 📈
  • Initial launch ACoS 15% 📉

Client Summary

Wrist Buddy is a uniquely designed Yoga equipment that allows users to ease their wrist position and reduce their wrist pressure while performing Yoga poses. Their product is offered in the US, UK, and CA marketplaces on Amazon

Client's Problems and Pain Points

Wrist Buddy is a client of SellerMetrics, and they want to grow their business beyond Amazon US and into the UK and Canada. SellerMetrics has been tasked with the launch, and the plan for the launch is to get the word out by leveraging the brand’s influencers. The hope is that they can get some initial local reviews and then pair this momentum with Amazon PPC uplift.

The client has clear budget restraints because the business has not been doing well during COVID, and coming out of COVID, the brand wants to see this launched with the highest ROI possible and with a restricted budget.

In most cases, launching into another market would require a strong budget, but SellerMetrics is up to the challenge.

Solution Provided by SellerMetrics

Campaign bidding strategy settings are frequently underutilized. We can use this strategy to offer a very low bid, much lower than the suggested bid, and then use the bidding strategy to make a dynamic up-bid on keywords that Amazon thinks are more important.

We use "Dynamic bids -- up and down" in this case and set "Top of search (first page)" to 300%. That means if the keyword is good, it will get up bid from $0.10 to $0.60.

We can increase the adjustment of the "Top of search (first page)" placement percentage if we want to get additional impressions. But the idea is to really force Amazon to offer us the lowest bid price possible and suppress our CPC (Cost per click).


Wrist Buddy’s Amazon PPC results following the implementation of SellerMetrics' strategy resulted in a successful launch in Amazon UK and Canada:

Client’s Response

Wrist Buddy's launch in the United Kingdom and Canada was a huge success, thanks in large part to using Amazon PPC for a huge initial ranking/sales uplift.

"This is the high-level strategy I have come to expect from the crew at SellerMetrics. Rick really has his team think way outside the box to solve the client’s pain points."

Steven Lang (WristBuddy)

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