FeedbackWhiz Review (2023)

Rick Wong 9 September 2021


On Amazon, reputation is everything, the more ratings and reviews you have, the wider your customer base becomes. Feedback management is a skill that all Amazon Sellers need to hone. There is a range of software now that can help you with this, and so continuing with our series of Amazon Software Reviews, we’re taking a look at FeedbackWhiz.

What is FeedbackWhiz? 

FeedbackWhiz is an Amazon Seller management software that offers a range of tools including order management dashboards, profits & expense tracking systems, data analytics, account monitoring, feedback management, and email automation.

As in the name, its dominant use is its feedback management tools whereby you get immediate alerts of negative reviews, and its email automation feature where you can send shoppers customized emails requesting reviews. 

FeedbackWhiz Amazon Seller Tools | Dominate the Marketplace


FeedbackWhiz has a unique pricing structure that consists of 3 overarching plans:

  • Email and Amazon Review Request Automation Plan
  • Profits and Accounting Plan
  • Product Listing and Monitoring Plan

They also, unlike other softwares, offer a whole 30-day trial of their software. This is more than you’d get from most Amazon Seller Softwares, which is a definite plus if you want a truly thorough look at their software utilities before you subscribe to a plan.

Email and Amazon Review Request Automation Plan

This plan is perfect for those looking for Amazon Feedback and Review software, with a vast variety of features. Prices are quite reasonable although it gets very expensive for the Ultimate Plan. Thankfully, we think most sellers would do best with a Professional Plan.  

Starter Plan serves well for a smaller Amazon Business capping their requests at around 2000 per month.  Basic Plan offers a couple thousand more emails and/or requests per month, but Professional Plan is definitely ideal for a rapidly growing business. Professional Plan allows for unlimited email and review requests, and quick customer support.  

Profits and Accounting Plan

This plan is for sellers looking for Profit Dashboards and Expense Tracking, offering a range of related features. There are less tiers compared to the Feedback Plan but the prices are generally on par with other Amazon Profit Tracking Software. 

The best plan for you depends on how many orders you’re fulfilling per month. If it’s more than 6000, then a Professional Plan is the one you need.

Product Monitoring Plan

This plan serves more as an add-on than a full plan and as such the pricing depends on how many ASINs you want to monitor.  It’s quite a useful feature because it gives Daily Summaries and timely, key notifications about your ASINs. 

We recommend using this add-on for your best-selling or higher-priority ASINs to track their listing status in a more precise way. The pricing will depend on how many ASINs you view as a priority for you to track.

Key Features

Main Dashboard

FeedbackWhiz has a pretty simple, and clear cut main analytics dashboard. There’s 6 categories that you can see summaries for including:

  • Orders
  • Feedback
  • Sales
  • Product Reviews
  • Quick Stats
  • Campaign History

As you can see, there’s three graphical formats for these 4 main categories, where you can toggle between a bar chart, a line graph and a pie chart. In terms of UI, it’s simple and clean which is something we personally enjoyed. You can see an overview of orders as well as emails sent. Similarly, the sales graph is helpful for a glance at your overall business performance.

In our case, we have been selling our ASINs for quite some time and have gathered thousands of reviews, so review acquisition wasn’t our main goal. There’s not much data there, but you can still see that the interface is quite clean. 

The Product Reviews section is especially helpful in pie chart format because it will show you the ratio of  1-star to 5-star reviews.  Similarly, the Feedback section will show you a simple ratio between Positive and Negative reviews when there’s more data to work with.

Daily Summary

One key feature, and quite a considerate one at that, is a Daily Summary that you’ll receive by email. FeedbackWhiz’s daily summary is prompt and also provides a very nice summary of key data, in case you just haven’t had the time to log onto their software on any particular day.

As you can see, it shows Order Status, and Total Sales for the day. There are also some Profit and Loss Metrics that serve as a simplified balance sheet for the day. Finally, there’s a summary of how many reviews you received. A small box beneath also details how many review requests were triggered on that day by your Feedback Campaigns. 

Although it isn’t much information, at a glance, its enough to know how your business is doing. Having it as an email is also convenient, because every single person will be checking their emails in the morning, and usually, throughout the day. There’s no way to miss it, and if anything jumps out at you, you can immediately click “View Dashboard” to take a closer look at it.

Order Manager

FeedbackWhiz’s Order Manager is pretty straightforward. As far as features go, there’s nothing too unique about it. 

As you can see it provides a list of most recent orders, and labels them with FBA or FBM, and has a little symbol to show order status. One useful little icon is the “R” you see by Order IDs at times. This “R” denotes a repeat buyer and you can actually click on it to see orders made solely by that buyer.

This “R” is especially useful because you can request them for a review, and since they’re a repeat customer you are statistically more likely to get a response. 

Other than that, there’s not much more to the Order Manager, except for some interesting filters. You can filter “Review Requests” to see which Orders you have not yet queued any emails for. You can also filter easily to see Returned and Cancelled orders faster than you would be able to on Amazon’s Order Manager.

Feedback Manager

The Feedback Manager is definitely one of the main features of FeedbackWhiz.  It provides a necessary overview of all your Ratings and Reviews, in a very clear way that we like.

At a glance you can see the ASIN, when you received the rating, the rating itself, and even the review left on the product. You can filter these reviews by Date Range, Order ID, Keywords and even Buyer Email.  You can also filter by the Fulfillment Method and Rating Type. Rating Types are split like this:

  • Negative Rating: 1-2 stars
  • Neutral Rating: 3 stars 
  • Positive Rating: 4-5 stars

One filter we found useful is the Buyer Email filter. For example, are you getting consistently bad reviews on one product? You can check to see if these are all from the same spammy buyer email to see if this is actually a competitor attempting to sabotage you, and then make a case with Amazon.

Product Manager

Next is the Product Manager, and along with it the Product Review Manager. We will take a look at both.

The Product Manager has a very nice user interface, most of the data is at your fingertips. You can see a succinct summary of units sold, numbe rof orders, promotions, and gross revenue. You can easily filter the date range and sort by a variety of metrics. There’s a useful button in the corner called “Start Tour” which will take you through all these filters.   

One unique and useful feature is you can select multiple ASINs at once, click the arrow in the header, and set up Bulk Monitoring for them all at once. You can also create Bulk Labels, Titles and Notes but the one we found most useful was Bulk Monitoring. See in the screenshots below how to do this:

Monitoring Layout

You can toggle tabs as well, from Default Layout, to Monitoring to Profits.  When you toggle over to Monitoring, you can see a dashboard we personally loved. You can check mark every part of an ASIN you want to receive alerts for, as you can see below.

There are some other layouts you can toggle to within the Product Manager including “Monitoring” and “Profits”, these buttons are right next to the Product Search bar.

Profits Layout

When you toggle over to Profits, there’s a perfect summary of the data you want to see. We especially love the part that displays “Amazon Fees” and the small costs and graphics graphs. There’s a lot of data on offer here without making the interface too cluttered, which is something we appreciated. You can slo see your net profits as well as margins. 

Part of the Products tab is also the Product Review Manager. This is a similar tool to the Feedback Manager we mentioned earlier. 

You can see your recent reviews, as you can see we received a negative review. In this case, we can click the “Action” button, click “Create a Case” and immediately be redirected to Amazon’s Case creation page. A very nice tool that definitely cuts out some wasted time when it comes to following up on bad reviews.

Campaign Manager

Another big feature of FeedbackWhiz is the Campaign Manager. This is where you manage all your Feedback & Review Request campaigns. First there is a Template Manager, which we won’t be providing a screenshot of because its very simple to use. You can create some email review templates or use some prebuilt templates that FeedbackWhiz offers.

The primary aspect of this tab is the  Campaign Manager, where you can monitor your running campaigns.

This is one of our campaigns, and it shows us that it is Active, and that FeedbackWhiz has already sent 76 review request emails in adherence to the template we used. There’s also 11 queued. When you click on “76” you can see a bar chart of how many emails were sent per day. 

When you click on “11” you are taken to the third and last dashboard in the Campaigns tab which is the Campaign Queue.

A unique feature, you can see emails that are queued and remove some of them if you do not want to go ahead with the review request. 

Reports Manager

The Reports Manager is pretty basic and easy to use, it’s simply where you can queue the download for a number of reports including: 

  • Buyers 
  • Feedback 
  • Orders 
  • Order Returns
  • Products
  • Reviews 
  • Profits
  • COGs
  • Expenses

These reports are basically your dashboards in a .csv format, for longer date ranges and further analysis.

Profits Dashboard

Lastly, there is the Profits tab, which consists of  Dashboard, Top Products, Expense Manager, COGs Manager and Reports.

Firstly, the Profits dashboard is absolutely packed with useful data!

Akin to a balance sheet, it provides a detailed overview of  Units Sold, Revenue. Costs and Net Profit on a daily basis, and also for the last 2 weeks, and last month. It’s very nice to have all this data at your fingertips in such a clear-cut way. This is one of the most useful parts of the software, in our opinion.

If you scroll down, you get another Quick Overview in a more pleasing, graphical format.

As you can see, a t a glance, we can already see most of our costs are coming from those exorbitant Amazon Fees, and the top reason for Returns is “Unwanted Item.” It’s the perfect summary of everything an Amazon Seller needs to know about their store.  

Note- Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you can also filter data by Product Labels, if you assigned any.

ProfitsOther Tabs

The rest of the Profits tab is just a deeper look at key aspects. For example, Top Products naturally gives you a list of your top performers. You can use a number of filters, all of which are explained when you click “Start Tour.”

The Expense Manager gives you a yearly overview of expenses, you can click open the monthly tabs for some more useful data. 

Largely, FeedbackWhiz provides you with a list of reimbursements received or reversals of said reimbursements, and other Amazon fees such as disposal fees. 

You can export all this data into .csv format for deeper analysis.

The COGS manager is where you can track the cost of your goods. 

Personally, we handle the nitty gritty costs of sourcing and manufacturing products using our own methods. We haven’t utilized the COGS Manager, but it seems to provide a nice overview of your total Cost of Goods Sold, as soon as you add the COGS for each of your key products by clicking on the buttons on the right.

Finally, there’s the Reports tab of the Profit Manager, which looks very similar to the Profit Dashboard itself, just in a tabular format.

You can have an intricate weekly view of your Orders, Revenue, Profits, Refunds, Fees, Costs and Net Profits. This table is perfect for Amazon Sellers who analyze expenses on a weekly basis, be sure to play around with it if that’s something you are looking for.

Other Features

Notifications & Alerts

A minor feature of FeedbackWhiz is the Alerts & Notifications feature. If you click on the little Bell icon in the top right will lead you to this screen:

This is a summary of all the email notifications and alerts you’ve been receiving on the ASINs you told FeedbackWhiz’s software to monitor. In case you misplaced an email, this is a good way to find it again.

Customer Support

When it comes to Customer Support, FeedbackWhiz has it covered. There’s a “Help” button in the corner which serves as a Search Directory for tutorials and is also where you can leave inquiries.

Along with this, FeedbackWhiz has a dedicated Support page covering absolutely every feature. Each page listed has either a video within or a step-by-step tutorial on how to use said feature. You can also reach out to Customer Service, and the staff will be prompt and friendly.

Review Score

All in all, we give FeedbackWhiz a very reasonable 7/10. It delivers on it’s main feature which is managing Feedback and Review Requests and also has some useful side-features as a plus.

Our only concern with FeedbackWhiz is the Pricing Plan. There are different plans based on different features – Email & Reviews, Profits & Accounting, and Profit & Monitoring. They each have separate pricing tiers within, and we think is a little too complicated.  Not to mention, you have to sit down and make a choice as to which features you prioritise, rather than being able to use all of them in some capacity. 

We also think some of the functionality is a little simple, for example, the Order Manager could use some more extra tools to make it more unique than Amazon’s own Order Manager. You are also limited to only using a certain amount of features depending on the Pricing Plan you chose, as we mentioned before.  

Nevertheless, FeedbackWhiz really makes up for that with the very clean, and organized user interface, and the ease of use is truly off the charts. You have a lot of help pages and tutorials at your fingertips, you can take a tour through the software at any moment, not just at the beginning. The Profits Manager is very detailed, and despite the volume of information it doesn’t get cluttered!

We expect there will be more features added in the future, so overall, we give FeedbackWhiz a solid thumbs up. It’s definitely one of the Amazon Seller Software out there that you want to try out.

To give Feedbackwhiz a try for a 30 days trial here

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