Our Software help Sellers Navigate Amazon      Advertising

Our software digs deep into Amazon Advertising PPC data to come up with actionable steps to lower your ACOS and improve your ROI.

What can SellerMetrics do for You?

We do all the heavy lifting work so you don’t have to

Bid Automation

Precise automation based on campign level rules

Manual Bidding

Change your bids manual with your own criteria

Unified Dashboard

All your Amazon Account keywords data in one place

Negate Keywords

One-click negate to stop a set of bleeding keywords

Variance Reporting

See period over period keyword analytics data

Search Term Finder

Discovery and add new keywords and ASINs

Keyword Whitelist

Whitelist keywords & ASINs from the automation rules


Average metrics on a user-defined product level

How to Start

We offer a very transparent onboarding and payment process

01. Schedule a call and account audit

Let’s get on a call to talk about Amazon goals and objectives. See how we can help.

02 Service Level Confirmation

Upon agreement on goals and objectives. We will confirm a service level agreement document

03. Payment and Onboarding

Clear and transparent pricing, will not priced based on budget. Monthly credit card payment only via Stripe

04. Weekly Schedule Reporting

Line of communication will be constant. There will be weekly progress report on agreed objectives.


Most Definitive Guides on Amazon FBA

Glossary of Amazon Acronyms & Abbreviations: Complete List

The power of research has been realized by a lot of companies in every business industry nowadays. Understanding the basic concepts is key to higher learning, advance strategic planning, analyses, and sustaining market needs. This is especially true in the world of...

How to Optimize Amazon PPC AND Retain High Organic Rank

How to Optimize Amazon PPC AND Retain High Organic Rank

Chicken and the Egg One of Amazon PPC's true paradoxes is how we can optimize, lower our bids, and retain our high organic placements? This is the true chicken and the egg question on how to optimize Amazon PPC. We all know that converting for a keyword on Amazon...

What is the Best Amazon PPC Campaign Budget to Use?

What is the Best Amazon PPC Campaign Budget to Use?

Introduction Advertisers spend billions of dollars each year on Amazon to boost overall sales, reach more customers, increase brand awareness, and thus earn more revenue. The number of advertisers on Amazon are increasing each year which makes Amazon advertising more...

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