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Founded by Sellers, our full-service agency digs deep into your Amazon data and implements strategies to increase profits, brand awareness, and build value on Amazon

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Who we are?

We are a client focused marketing agency for Amazon brands. Run by former sellers that have achieved 7-figure brand exit

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We are a Tech-Enabled Agency

We make data informed decisions with our in-house software.

Amazon advertising has become a technical arms race. Since 2020 we have invested in our proprietary software so we can be the most data driven solutions for Amazon brands and giving our the best performance on Amazon

Our Software

We Look and Analyze at the Full Picture

The Amazon marketplace is an organic beast we know pulling different levers on advertising can affect your organic and in turn your marketshare. SellerMetrics complete reporting allows us to truly understand how we can affect positive impact on the client's overall business

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We build synergies between your Ad Spend and your Amazon operations to reach your brand's goals

What sets us apart from other Amazon PPC agency is our intimate knowledge of selling on Amazon.

We believe that integrating your Amazon advertising strategies with your overall operations yields the best results. That includes knowing your product and staying current on your operations.

The analysis during our ongoing calls allow us to understand your operations and make timely changes to achieve our client's goals.

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Case Studies

Applying the 80/20 rules to Amazon PPC optimization

Dayparting strategy to increase ROI by 40%

KDP Author increases his KENP Reads increase 200% for Sci Fri fiction series

Advance low bid strategy to help a Yoga brand launch in Amazon Canada and UK

Testimonials from our clients

We switched to SellerMetrics for Amazon PPC management after 6 months of flat sales. With their help, we are back to growing 5–10% each month while keeping our TACOS below 15%. We have a dedicated account manager, and if we need more help, Rick is always available

I've been enjoying working with SellerMetrics for almost a year now. The SellerMetrics team goes above and beyond. They make it easy and stress-free, which is exactly what you want from an agency. It's nice to have someone on your side who knows everything there is to know about advertising on Amazon. If you're looking for a great Amazon PPC company, I really like SellerMetrics.

Using SellerMetrics Amazon PPC managed service allows me to free up my time for the other things that matter. I have been impressed with the team’s data-driven approach. Unlike other Amazon PPC agencies, their methods are cutting edge, transparent and it works!

SellerMetrics is the one-stop shop for all your Amazon Advertising needs. Whether you’re a first-time user, who simply wants to press a single button to create a high performance fully automated campaign structure or a veteran of PPC who wants to manage their campaigns directly but save time using SellerMetrics’ intelligent bulk and filtered changes, this is the platform for you.

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