Our Software help Sellers/Brands/KDP Authors Navigate Amazon      Advertising

Our software digs deep into Amazon Advertising PPC data to come up with actionable steps to lower your ACOS and improve your ROI.

What can SellerMetrics do?

“Our Tech Takes Care of Amazon Advertising So you don’t have to”


SellerMetrics is the next generation Amazon PPC Software. Our software support both Automated and Bulk Manual bidding work flows that allows for complex Campaign strategies to be deployed with ease

Save Time

Our advance algorithms automates bidding 24/7 to make sure your bids is hits your ACoS goals, making sure your campaigns are always optimized

Centralize all your Ads Accounts

Consolidate all Amazon marketplace accounts, cause toggling in and out of accounts is exhausting. Our Unified Accounts feature, can aggregate all Keywords and PAT data into one reporting. 

This innovative account management feature makes multiple account optimization and analysis so easy!

Deep Analytics Insights

Measure and view the true impact of your Amazon advertising across multiple marketplaces. Get customizable and searchable reporting on both high and granular level to understand, at a single glance.

We Support All Amazon Advertising Types

Our features and automation support all Amazon advertising types

Sponsored Products

Keywords and Product Targeting 

Sponsored Brands

Headline Ads and Product Targeting

Sponsored Brands Video

Native video advertising on Amazon

Sponsored Display

Product Targeting and Audiences

All Amazon Marketplaces Supported


Our features and automation supports all Amazon advertising types

All our plans come with a 14 Days Trial

4 Week After Using SellerMetrics

ACoS: -35%

Sales: +45%

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Subscription Cost Increase with More Accounts/Marketplace?

👉Short answer is no, each pricing tier supports unlimited Amazon Account support. We calculate the subscription based on the aggregate ad spent between all your ad accounts, so if you are currently sell on the US marketplace and wants to sell in Canada, there will be no extra cost for SellerMetrics to support your Amazon Canada PPC account.

Does SellerMetrics supports Seller and/or KDP Publishers and Vendors?

👉Yes, we support Seller, Vendor and KDP advertising accounts. Our team have experience operating in all 3 Amazon business models, so each type is thoroughly tested on our system.

Is my Data Secure?

👉Yes. As long-time software professionals, we take security very seriously. We can only see your advertising data with your permission. We don’t have access to your Amazon credentials so no one can steal your password from us. For a more detailed description of our security policies, please view our Privacy Policy.

How is the Cost Calculated Exactly?

👉Check out our pricing here. We have a tier-based pricing model that is calculated from the total aggregated ad spend on all accounts under your Amazon login. 

The ad spend calculation will be based on the past 30 days from your billing date

What Amazon Country Marketplace do you Support?

👉We support all countries where Amazon had enabled their advertising platform. This list of marketplaces includes: US/CA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/BR/AE/SG/AU/JP 

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