Sellozo Review [2022] – A Comprehensive Review

Rick Wong 22 December 2020

Introduction (Sellozo Review)

Sellozo’s platform offers Amazon sellers the ability to simplify their Amazon ad campaigns by fully automating and optimizing each campaign to help them save time and money. Sellozo customers have experienced many benefits from using the platform including:

  • 28% increase in profit on average
  • Lowered ACoS
  • Less time spent on manually adjusting bids
  • Automatic blacklisting of negative keywords
  • and much more!

Ok, so above is what they say about their software. For my Sellozo review, I have signed for a 14 Days trial to give it a proper test. As an Amazon seller, I am quite familiar with a lot of the features of different Amazon PPC software on the market.

Sellozo caught my eye because it is one of the few tools out there that can support Amazon video ads and the pricing. It charges per SKU basis, instead of Ad Spend.

So here is my Sellozo review:


As mentioned above, the pricing is by SKU.

If you just started on Amazon, the relatively high fixed pricing might be an issue. The per SKU price plan might present a good value for a mid-size Amazon seller that spends more than $10,000 a month on Amazon ads.

If Amazon PPC software uses a % of ad spend pricing model and takes about 2% of ad spend, so if you spend $10,000 then you are looking at $200/month at least.

The 2nd Sellozo pricing plan of $299 a month for 11-1000 SKUs allows for Amazon sellers a lot of room for growth.

I view the pricing plan as a huge plus.

Sellozo Review

Bid Automation (AI or Algorithm)

According to their sales rep and website, their bid engine uses AI. They said that their AI makes the bidding algorithm smarter? They did not expand on that further, and I didn’t push it.

I do have my doubts, though. I think it is a rule-based algorithm according to the input used in their bid automation.

Sellozo Review

Like I have no issues with the rule-based algorithm, a lot of times using rule-based bidding makes a lot more sense than using AI/ML on Amazon PPC. This is mainly to do with the lack of data available for the AI to learn from.

Just want more clarity on this.

Supported Amazon Advertising Types

Supported Amazon Marketplaces by Sellozo

What’s Unique?

Campaign Studio

A very cool feature, it allows you to visualize the set up of the automated rules (Add new search term/ASIN and add negative kw). Basically, it is drag and drop between related campaigns, then adding a rule to add new search terms to another campaign’s ad group.

Sellozo Review

Financial Dashboard

A super detailed financial dashboard that gives you a P&L of your Amazon business is also a nice touch. Although it cannot support Sponsored Display in bid ops, it can report on the Sponsored Display number in its financial dashboard

Sellozo Review


Another nice touch is the dayparting function, where you can turn off and on campaigns between periods of time. Beneficial if you know the optimal time that gives you the most sales

Sellozo Review


Bid Automation ➡ daily automatic bid change, based on user define ACoS%.

MWS Supported ➡ can connect MWS to set Amazon account sales, inventory and fees.

Add Convert Search Term/ASIN ➡ Can add new search terms into a user-specified destination campaign/ad group from the source campaign/ad group, using user-defined order and keyword text.

Add to Negatives ➡ Can add new negative into a user-specified destination campaign/ad group from the source campaign/ad group, using user-defined order and keyword text.

Overall Comments

I do like Sellozo; the customer service was good, was able to get a quick answer to my questions. The features are comprehensive, I think the campaign studio is a very nice touch, and the analytics & reporting screen is very detailed.

I do have a concern that the UI is not as initiative as it could be, but that is the trade-off between the completeness of the data versus simplicity. I believe Sellozo tried to straddle that line the best it can.

Lastly, if you are a smaller seller and your ad spend is south of $5,000, the $149/month (lowest tier) subscription might be tougher to swallow. There is other software out there that has a much lower tier rate to start.

Additional Screenshots

Sellozo ProductVU
Sellozo Dashbaord
Sellozo Financial Review




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