AI Tools Amazon FBA Sellers Can Use Right Now

Guest Contributor 4 April 2023

With the arrival of ChatGPT, AI has exploded into the everyday. Businesses of all kinds are now using ChatGPT to help write emails, write web code and decide what to have for lunch.

So what does all this mean for Amazon FBA sellers? The good news is, AI is not going to replace sellers any time soon. But it will make selling on Amazon much easier over the next few years as AI tools help automate the hardest and most tedious parts of Amazon selling.

Here’s a rundown of the top AI tools you can use right now to save time, increase sales and become more successful on Amazon.

Best Free AI Tool: ChatGPT

If you don’t know about ChatGPT, the best way to learn is to simply play around with it yourself.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that will answer almost anything you ask it to.

Sellers can use it for all kinds of common tasks: messaging suppliers, product bundle ideas, customer support messaging, and more. Here are some common ways to use it:

Draft a letter to a supplier

Write a compelling letter to Wholesale Party Supplies asking if they would like to work with our business AllHouse Retail and allow us to sell their products. They are a wholesale company in Raleigh, North Carolina that specializes in selling party supplies. Make it professional but personal, including their company name multiple times. Also use my name, Richard Jeffers. Tell them we have been in business on Amazon 5 years and have experience creating Amazon listings that convert.

Product research ideas

What are some product ideas for selling to parents in the cold winter months?

Listing bullets

Note: ChatGPT is a general tool, so it will not write you a perfect listing copy. But if you can’t afford a purpose-built tool, it can give you a good starting point:

Write 5 Amazon bullets for a product called [product]. Details of the product are [details]. Include these keywords [SEO keyword list].

Proceed with Caution with ChatGPT

Keep in mind that ChatGPT has serious limitations. It is not reliable for factual data, and is not specialized for Amazon selling. Don’t expect ChatGPT to create perfect answers or results. But it can give you a good starting point.


  • Free use: ChatGPT can be used free, but you’ll often hit outages during peak times. You’ll also have slow responses
  • $20/month: this paid plan will give you continued access at peak times, and you’ll get overall faster responses.

Best AI Amazon Listing Writer: Perci

A well-written, SEO-optimized listing is essential to get your product listing on page one. Luckily, Perci is a purpose-built AI writer specifically for Amazon listings.

Why does that matter? General AI tools like ChatGPT don’t know Amazon’s rules, restrictions or best practices. ChatGPT will write listings that aren’t fully optimized. Or worse, they might get denied or delisted by Seller Central.

Perci, on the other hand, combines state-of-the-art AI writing technology with Amazon’s best practices to give you reliable, optimized product listing copy that converts.

It’s also the only AI writing tool that incorporates your Amazon keywords through your entire listing automatically


Simple and easy: Get your entire listing, from Title to bullets and HTML description, with one click

Automatic SEO Optimization: You can put your keyword list into Perci and it will automatically optimize your keywords through your Title, bullets etc

Creative Controls:  You can control bullet topics, byte lengths and more with Perci’s optional controls

Languages: Perci writes in all Amazon marketplace languages—this is great for translating your listings into new marketplaces.

Unlimited Rewrites: With Perci you can rewrite any part of your listing with a click, as many times as you want to get the perfect listing

Perci Pricing

  • Free trial: All users who register get 2 free listing generations to try it out
  • $59/month Starter: 10 listings per month
  • The starter plan includes all the creative options like SEO keyword optimization, bullet control and tone of voice.
  • $99/month Pro: 20 listings per month
  • the Pro plan is great for agencies or big sellers with a large catalog they want to optimize. It also includes listing export options
  • $199/month Business: 50 listings per month
  • Perci’s Business plan is for large teams or agencies with large workflows. This plan also allows for the bulk generation of listings.

Best AI Product Video Creator: Oxolo

Videos are a powerful way to convert shoppers on your Amazon listings and build your brand across your range. Stats show product videos create more engagement and sales than still images. There aren’t many AI tools out there yet that do eCommerce videos, but Oxolo is one of the pioneers in this space.

How Oxolo works

Oxolo uses digital models to create professional videos showcasing your products. You can choose different models based on your brand personality, and change the script to reflect your brand.

You don’t have to spend a bunch of time collecting data for Oxolo—it will work simply off your product page URL. Oxolo even learns from the videos you create, so it becomes more personalized over time.


 – URL one-click videos

  • HD downloads
  • 40+ languages
  • Music library and Video templates
  • Studio editor to perfect your videos

Oxolo Pricing

Note: Oxolo is currently in beta, so they are offering a 15% discount to all signups.

  • Free trial: Oxolo offers a limited free version that allows you to try out the platform. But all your videos will be watermarked
  • For their paid plans Oxolo uses credits to count usage. New videos cost 5 credits, and an edit uses 1 credit.
  • $29/month: 25 video credits per month
  • $39/month: 50 video credits per month
  • $59/month: 100 video credits per month

Best AI Amazon Image Creator: CreatorKit + Canva

CreatorKit landing page.png

AI Image studios allow you to add a product image, then create new images with your product.  You can add your product to scenes reflecting your use cases, or simply add visual elements to up the look of your listing.

CreatorKit is the best one we’ve seen on the market. It’s built specifically for e-comm product images, with some really slick templates and an easy-to-use interface.


  • Lots of photo-shoot quality background templates
  • Photo-quality rendering
  • Note: not all backgrounds will work with all angleScreenshot 2023-04-03 at 3.34.47 pm.png


You don’t pay per generation here—instead CreatorKit has simple pay-per-use pricing: $1 for each image used.

Pair CreatorKit With Canva

One essential aspect of Amazon product images is text call-outs. The images after your first main image should have text highlighting the best features of your product.

AI Image tools are working on this feature, but so far none of them offer this in their images. So for that final touch, Canva is still the best option. 

Canva makes it really easy to upload your AI-generated photo, and add simple text overlays to bring your features to life.

Canva screenshot.png

The AI hype is real

AI is already providing tons of value to those Amazon sellers who are ready to experiment.

Pretty soon, Amazon sellers who aren’t using AI to cut costs and sell smarter are going to be left behind.

Ultimately that’s good news for sellers because these new AI tools are only the beginning. In the next few years, expect to see new AI applications to help Amazon sellers with all sorts of time-consuming tasks like creating imagery, handling compliance issues, SEO research, and more.

Have any AI tools you’ve been using to help you sell better?

Let us know in the comments.

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