Using Amazon Creative Asset to Manage your Amazon PPC and Store Creatives

Rick Wong 26 August 2021

What is Amazon Creative Asset?

Amazon has introduced “Creative Assets,” a new function. It enables you to post all of your creatives or assets in one place for swift approval. It pairs well with your Amazon Store and Sponsored Brands, which I related as you can use your Amazon store as a landing page for your Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Advertisers may now save, organize, and reuse brand information with “creative assets” (logos, images). “Creative assets” allow sellers to deliver brand consistency throughout Amazon by allowing them to quickly reuse brand content through a single interface.

How can Amazon Creative Asset Benefit?

Amazon Creative Asset allows you to upload all media files and organize them in one central location using categories tags, then use them in Amazon Advertising and on Amazon store pages.

You can upload files directly from your computer or via Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Right as of writing in Aug 2021, this function only supports photos, but Amazon says that videos will be supported in the coming months.

Another huge benefit of Amazon creative asset is that you can submit assets for ad policy approval so that they can be utilized in ad campaigns. This definitely makes things much more efficient than creating one Sponsored Brand campaign and see if the assets pass moderation the next day.

Aside from having all your assets in one place, you can find assets quickly and easily by searching, sorting, and filtering by name, tag, product, and other attributes. See additional information of the assets such as:

  • Asset Type (logo, custom, or product picture)
  • Upload Date
  • File Format
  • File Size
  • Image Dimensions
  • Moderation status

You can also find the assets in Amazon creative asset that was previously used in your Amazon stores and Sponsored Brands campaign.

Amazon Creative Asset

Amazon creative asset library is available in Vendors, Sellers and KDP author accounts in the North American marketplaces only.

How do you use Amazon Creative Asset?

You must have a KDP or Amazon Seller Central account. Then you need to have an account with Amazon advertising. After that, you may begin uploading your files, and you can choose up to five creatives at a time.

1. Hover over ‘Advertising,’ ‘Campaign Manager,’ and then ‘Creative Assets’ in Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon Creative Asset-1

2. Click Upload Asset

Amazon Creative Assets-2

3. Upload assets by dragging and dropping files from your PC or using Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to upload your media.

Amazon Creative Asset-3

4. Once the assets are uploaded you can organize them by Name, Type, Tags, ASIN (Product)

Amazon Creative Asset-4

How to make your Creatives stand out on Amazon?

Remember that aesthetics matter, whether you believe they do or not. If an item appears nice in the photo, it is likely to sell; if an item appears cheap or poorly built in the photo, you will lose a lot of potential buyers. This emphasizes the importance of high-quality creatives. Another option for high-quality photos is by using 3D rendering, the rendered photos will come out very clear and crisp.

Check for typos and misspellings to ensure that your information is correct. If you’re having trouble, utilize a spell-checker to ensure that all of the correct words are used correctly and in the correct context.

Make sure your images are mobile-friendly, as in the shopper can understand what the product is at first glance on their phones.


This is a step in the right direction by Amazon as this would really streamline asset management and moderation for Sponsored Brands and Storefront. It may take some time for all users to see this feature, as Amazon likes to phase in their new features roll-outs to third-party sellers.

Leverage this new tool so you can concentrate on what’s is important in your Amazon PPC. In the meantime, you can manually submit your creatives, but keep an eye out for this new option in the future.

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