(Infographics) 7 Amazing Amazon Statistics for 2021

SellerMetrics 29 July 2021
Amazon Statistics 2021

Remember when Amazon was just a strange little website that only sold books? Yeah, those were the days. Now Amazon is just a behemoth dominating multiple sectors. It is not just big but it is just growing fast!

Below are 7 Amazing Amazon statistics for 2021

Prime Memberships

Amazon Statistics 2021 - Prime Member

Enormously Profitable

So Many Warehouses Around World

Amazon Statistics 2021 - Warehouses

More than 2.5 Million Sellers are currently selling on Amazon

Amazon AWS is the Internet

Amazon Statistics 2021 Amazon AWS

Amazon Just Grew an Uber and then some in 2021 😲

Amazon Statistics 2021 Grwoth

Batteries Purchased Online are probably from Amazon (w/94% certainty)

Amazon Statistics 2021

Full Infographics Below ⬇️ (Feel free to Share!)


7 Amazon Statistics 2021

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