Amazon PPC Negative ASIN Targeting

Rick Wong 3 September 2021

For the longest time. A lot of sellers have been asking “can I use ASIN as a negative keyword on PPC?” and for the longest time, the answer was no. But, over the past two weeks, Amazon has rolled out a new feature that will fundamentally change the way every seller thinks about and manages their Amazon PPC ads. This fundamental change is the introduction of a new, simple method for sellers to exclude ASIN when creating their automatic campaigns with the addition of negative product targets.

How Automated Campaigns Worked in the Past

The latest addition of negative product and ASIN targeting hasn’t affected the basics of autonomous Amazon PPC ads. You’ll continue to create automatic campaigns and ad groups in the same manner.

We used to get a lot of inquiries from merchants asking if it was feasible to have a negative ASIN for the Amazon PPC campaign before this capability was released. We’ve had to tell them there wasn’t any till today.

Using Negative Targets In Your Amazon PPC Campaigns?

The game has been modified with the addition of negative product targeting for auto campaigns. When using auto campaigns to do keyword research or just make purchases, sellers may now eliminate irrelevant products and get the most out of their ad budget.

Adding negative targets to your Amazon PPC Campaign will increase conversion rate, click-through rate, and lower ACOS it is simply a low-hanging optimization task that all Sellers should be doing now!

Adding Negative Targets/ASIN into your Campaign Step by Step

On your Amazon advertising console, you will go to “Report” >> Click “Create Report” >> Select Campaign Type >> Report Type “Search Term” >> Report Period last 30 Days >> Click “Run Report”

Download and open the report once it has been processed.

Returning to the search term report, filter for ASIN with clicks => 8 and order (14 Day Total Orders) = 0 in the clicks column.

Add the filtered ASIN in the “Customer Search Term” column, and then add the negative target by going into the associated campaign’s ad group click “negative product” and then add the ASIN as “Negative Exact” match type.

If you are creating an automatic campaign, near the bottom of the page, you’ll see a tab labeled “Negative product targeting.” Simply add the ASINs you want to block, and your campaign is ready to go.

negative product targeting auto campaigns

Using Negative Products at Scale on Amazon

Each seller’s approach and circumstances are unique, so one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to a specific feature, such as negative targets for auto campaigns.

We discovered that banning every single ASIN that you just view as “irrelevant” isn’t a good technique after experimenting with these targeting choices over the previous two weeks.

First, it’s hard to tell whether an ASIN should be added to negative without viewing a significant quantity of data. Second, you’ll need a metric to use when adding an ASIN as a negative. This guarantees that every ASIN target is held to the same standard. Any target with 8-10 clicks but no purchases are recommended to be adding to the negative product.

How SellerMetrics can Streamline or Automate this Process

Our software looks to streamline all the important optimization tasks for Amazon PPC, and adding negative ASIN to the automatic campaigns is one of them. Let’s look at how this is done on SellerMetrics.

1. Set Up Negative Rules

Here you will set up the rules that the ASIN will be triggered. Negatives are triggered using the click threshold, as in how many clicks have been attributed with no sales. You can pick which campaign’s ad group the ASIN should be added as negative to.

The below setting is saying that if an ASIN in “US-B08LD3ZXHM-SP-Auto-iPhone11 Case (black)” made 5 more clicks without order, then trigger this ASIN to be added to US-B08LD3ZXHM-SP-Auto-iPhone11 Case (black) >> B08LD3ZXHM-Single ASIN

On the other hand, you can also select the automate toggle, in which case the trigger ASIN will just be added to the negative list by the system, and will not need the user action.

2. Push the Negative ASIN into your Amazon Ads Accounts

The trigger ASIN in step 1, will appear in the Manual Optimization >> Negative Keyword screen.

Here can see the ASIN that is triggered via the rule set up in step 1. Select the row and click “Apply”


Negative ASIN targeting for auto campaigns is fantastic news for all sellers. You can now feel easy knowing that Amazon isn’t simply wasting your marketing dollars on irrelevant ASIN

If you’re going to use this feature, which you should, make sure you put up a system that works for you rather than forcing you to work on it all the time. Set a target click threshold, and if an ASIN receives that many clicks without an order, render it negative.

Sellers now have more control over their auto campaigns than ever before, thanks to the option to set negative asins. When it comes to staying ahead of the competition, make sure to use the latest feature to your advantage.

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