How Amazon A+ Content Increases your Conversion Rates

Rick Wong 10 August 2021

In this article I will go over:

➡️ What effect does A+ have on conversion rates?

➡️ What an A+ Content can do to increase AOV and basket size?

➡️ What factors influence Amazon ranking and how A+ may help you enhance yours

➡️ 3 criteria that determine your keyword relevancy on Amazon

➡️ How great A+ content can initiate your Amazon flywheel

➡️ What components of an A+ page should you include and why

➡️ Understanding that A+ is a long-term investment rather than a one-time expense

➡️ When I think of A+ content, what are the MICRO and MACRO tactics?

In the world of Amazon consulting, a popular theme commonly occurs.

Right now, Amazon Advertising is making a lot of noise. As it should be. It’s bursting at the seams.

It doesn’t matter whether you advertise on Amazon if you can’t convert those customers.

The golden rule will always be:

  1. Streamline Operations
  2. Branding
  3. Amazon Advertising

This is my Pyramid Strategy, which I refer to frequently:

Amazon operations pyramid

What effect does A+ have on your Amazon page?

Brands selling on Amazon, on average, their products receive a 3-10% bump in sales. However, when combined with a comprehensive listing optimization on Amazon, we’ve observed substantially higher figures.

Since data isn’t the direct impact of A+ content is not available. We need to consider the big picture. If A+ is done well, we can persuade a customer on the brand. On the detail page, we establish a relationship with them. Without extremely compelling rich content, this relationship might not happen. By establishing this relation it may result in more repeat purchases and a high lifetime value (LTV).

It’s also possible to increase the average order value (AOV). However, we will not be able to see this data. As a result, we must always consider the account’s overall sales before and after A+ material. This will give you a better idea of how successful you were.

The A+ content Amazon keywords do not get indexed, so there is not a direct rank juice that results from it.  However, A+ will influence and improve your organic ranking indirectly

Relevance determines where you rank. What is the relevance of your product to a search term?

Three criteria affect the relevancy of a product on Amazon. Clicks, conversions, and sales are all important metrics to track. You move up the ranks if you get a lot of clicks, a lot of “add to basket,” and a lot of checkouts (for a searched keyword).

Thus, A+ Content with the A+ images and keywords does impact your conversion rate. In turn, having an impact on your sales rank

A higher review score is achieved by increasing positive reviews and decreasing negative reviews. On Amazon, products with more positive reviews receive a higher ranking. They earn more clicks, conversions, and revenues as a result of their efforts. Their relevance increases. 

This positive feedback loop is also called the Flywheel Effect.

Amazon Flywheel Effect

It’s tough to quantify the influence of A+. Increased conversion rates, increased sales, increased sales rank, increased reviews, and increased repeat purchases are all factors to consider. The flywheel, on the other hand, is impossible to visualize. There is a degree of faith in the system.

It’s impossible to explain a 50 percent year-over-year increase in sales to being polite to consumers on the phone. There are some things you just know.

Who is qualified for Amazon’s A+ content?

Amazon A+ content is only available to sellers that are brand registered or Amazon Launchpad program participants. To enroll in the Amazon brand registry, the IP of your brand (ie trademark/logo) should be registered with government trademark offices in the following countries:

United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates.

You can see the detail requirements from the official brand registry page here.

What is the objective of Amazon’s A+ content?

The overarching goal is to make The Flywheel Effect happen. As mentioned previously.

However, here’s a rundown of each component. What is each component’s purpose:

Benefits of the product are Visual explained.

  • A feature is a characteristic that your product has. But is not as important
  • Benefits describe the influence of a feature. What effect does having that feature have?
  • Example, my Microsoft Arc Mouse has a function that allows it to fold flat. The benefit is that you can “slip it into your pocket or backpack.”
  • A+ content allows you emphasizes the benefits. Make use of the available space to present the benefit in a unique way.
  • Conversion rates will rise if prospects can visualize the benefits more easily.

Use the A+ Content to Educate

  • Not every product is simple to use. It’s also possible that your customers aren’t well-informed.
  • If potential shoppers are not sure how the product will help them, explain it to them. Or they are unable to visualize how they can derive the benefit of using the product. They are less likely to A) complete the transaction, B) use the goods as intended and get the benefits. They are more likely to have a poor experience with the product.
  • A+ Content improves the user’s ability to imagine and achieve a favorable experience. Conversion rates are rising. Positive feedback is increasing. Negative feedback is decreasing.

Tell Your Company’s Story

  • Make an emotional connection with your customer. Answer why you exist to elicit a feeling. What makes them want to buy from you and your company?
  • Use Amazon A+ Content as a starting point. Make the most of it and leave a lasting impression. It can be used to form a tribe and humanize your brand.

Showcase your Product Line

  • Maybe product A isn’t going to solve the customer’s issue. Product B, on the other hand, might.
  • Product A may fix the problem, but product B improves on it. Or B solves a different issue.
  • Customers are on the lookout for answers to their problem. They are aware of some problems. They aren’t all alike. Some of the solutions are already known to them. Some of them don’t.
  • If your brand’s mission is the same as the customer’s. If you comprehend their issue or issues. Then they will have faith in you. They are more likely to trust your soft sell if they trust you.
  • Cross-selling can be marketed by A+ Content. It encourages customers to invest more in your brand. Increasing the AOV size.

In practice, how can you implement A+ Content properly?

  • Images and renderings of excellent quality. You are only as good as the materials you use. If your photos are bad and you don’t have any quality 3D renderings, your A+ quality will suffer.
  • Use a landing page type of format
  • Only use full-width modules. Use the text overlay sparingly. Create photos that complement one another. Create them as a landing page for Amazon. You have the images working together when you post to Amazon. Creating the appearance of a landing page.
  • Looks good on mobile
  • Create an unique A+ content for each ASIN
  • Branding of your A+ content should be consistent. However, each ASIN should have its own set of details.
  • Modules can be reused across many listings. Take, for example, your why and your brand-based content.
  • Text-based modules should be avoided. Especially if they are not personalized  in any way. They aren’t in sync with the brand. It detracts from the A+’s overall impression. It also has no effect on searchability. It makes no difference what keywords you use.

Why is investing in A+ content on Amazon a good idea?

You are in effect creating momentum for the “Flywheel Effect”

Amazon A+ content is seen as a sunk cost by many brands when it should be considered an investment.  In the first month, it may or may not earn a positive ROI. However, unlike Amazon Advertising, where you invest in traffic, A+ is all about conversion. You’re making an investment to build long-term consumer connections. You’re putting money into your brand’s image.

This is a compounding investment. The Flywheel Effect is directly influenced by A+. Over time, the Flywheel gain momentum. Your Flywheel spins faster when conversions increase, sales increase, basket size increases, repeat purchases occur, reviews increase, and sales rank improves. That procedure is repeated over and over again. For two years, one A+ page might not need to be changed, but you are still reaping the benefits

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